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NVision Software Services

NVision Database Services
  • ArcSDE installation and deployment
  • Geospatial database design
  • Database administration
  • Web integration
NVision Web Application Development
  • Esri technocology development and deployment
  • JumpStarts for ArcGIS Server (on-site installation and training)
  • Automated remote-data retrieval applications
  • Web-enabled geospatial databases
  • Online data creation, processing and distribution
  • Geospatial e-commerce applications
  • Web services and application integration
NVision IT Services
  • Defining IT needs based on business case and process requirements
  • Researching available products (serve as a pure play integrator with no ties to any specific vendor)
  • Recommending best products and optimal solutions
  • Installing and configuring systems
  • Online data creation, processing and distribution
  • Implementing systems
  • Administering and maintaining systems
  • Designing and developing pilot / prototype applications
  • Integrating and deploying applications
  • Sustaining applications
NVision has cross-platform system development, integration, administration, governance, and management expertise, including the experience required to provide reliable system development, maintenance, and troubleshooting for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Apple systems.
For more information on NVision Solutions, Inc. services please contact us:
  • Craig Harvey, Executive VP, COO (228) 342-8395
  • Joel Lawhead, CIO (228) 342-1891
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