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NVision Engineering Division


NVision has an extensive engineering division. Click here for more information about the NVision Engineering Division (NED).



NVision GIS Services

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  • Data production

  • Raster and vector modeling

  • Dynamic segmentation

  • Data automation

  • Watershed analysis

  • Cartographic production services

  • GIS training

  • General GIS consultation

  • GIS software application development

  • GIS web application development


Our GIS capabilities include expert working level understanding of all major GIS software packages. NVision’s team has extensive experience developing GIS models, both vector and raster. Our developers are expert at dynamic segmentation, an area that may provide answers to questions revolving around flood inundation, watershed analysis, and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for streams (a national hydrologic issue faced by nearly every state in the union).


NVision also has the ability to create stand-alone applications providing users with low cost alternatives to GIS applications on the market today. NVision applications will substantially lower the cost of implementing new technologies such as precision agriculture, and variations of precision agriculture such as forestry applications, parks and services applications, and small community facility management applications. Highly specialized applications such as these need not be expensive and the learning curve required for them is much flatter and shorter than that of a full scale GIS. NVision also maintains skill sets in the development of flood inundation models from elevation data of all types, including photographic, surveyed, IFSAR, and Radar.


NVision currently works with the USGS in several areas to help develop methods to characterize watersheds and stream segments. We also have expert capabilities on the cutting edge frontier of GIS: Internet Map Services. Our team has been responsible for developing award winning applications that have been recognized at international conferences by leaders in the industry such as Jack Dangermond, owner/president, ESRI. NVision has the capabilities, staff, and experience to provide GIS instruction at all levels, from introductory, to expert, from implementation to advanced development. While NVision maintains the expert level GIS capabilities outlined above, we also have the rudimentary capabilities of data production, digitizing, and general map making that has been the foundation of GIS for decades.


NVision Remote Sensing Services

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  • Land use/land cover

  • Signature library development

  • Image manipulation

  • Mosaicking

  • Subsetting

  • Image fusion

  • Image enhancement

  • Application development

  • Automated processing

  • Hydrographic collection and Processing


NVision Database Services

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  • ArcSDE installation and deployment

  • Geospatial database design

  • Database administration

  • Web integration


NVision Web Application Development

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  • ArcGIS Server development and deployment

  • JumpStarts for ArcGIS Server (on-site installation and training)

  • Automated remote-data retrieval applications

  • Web-enabled geospatial databases

  • Online data creation, processing and distribution

  • Geospatial e-commerce applications

  • Web services and application integration


NVision IT Services

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  • Defining IT needs based on business case and process requirements

  • Researching available products (serve as a pure play integrator with no ties to any specific vendor)

  • ArcIMS development and deployment

  • Recommending best products and optimal solutions

  • Installing and configuring systems

  • Online data creation, processing and distribution

  • Implementing systems

  • Administering and maintaining systems

  • Designing and developing pilot / prototype applications

  • Integrating and deploying applications

  • Sustaining applications



NVision has cross-platform system development, integration, administration, governance, and management expertise, including the experience required to provide reliable system development, maintenance, and troubleshooting for Windows, Unix (Sun Solaris and Silicon Graphics (SGI)), Linux, and Mac systems.


For more information on NVision Solutions, Inc. services please contact us:


  • Craig Harvey, Executive VP, COO (228) 242-0015

  • Joel Lawhead, CIO (228) 242-0014


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